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warrants outstanding and unpaid

All warrants outstanding and unpaid for a period of two or more years, as of the last day of December of each year, are void. No individual, bank, trust company, building and loan association, or any other financial institution may honor, cash, or accept for payment or deposit any such warrant or check which may be presented for payment and which has been issued and outstanding for a period of two (2) or more years as of the last day of December of any year. This law further provides that the treasurer within sixty (60) days thereafter shall prepare a list in triplicate of all such warrants, showing the date of issue of each warrant, the fund upon which it was drawn, the name of the payee, the amount of the warrant, and the total amount of the warrants for each fund. The original copy of such list shall be filed with the county board of finance, the duplicate with the county auditor and the triplicate copy retained by the treasurer. Upon receipt of such list, the county auditor shall issue an application to pay, receipt and quietus for such warrants, in the same manner as for any other receipt, and the warrants shall thereupon be removed by the treasurer from the outstanding list. [IC 5-11-10.5]