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bank/credit card payments to counties

A payment to a county may be made by any of the following financial instruments that the fiscal body of the county authorizes for use:

  1. Cash
  2. Check
  3. Bank Draft
  4. Money Order
  5. Bank card or credit card
  6. Electronic fund transfer
  7. Any other financial instrument authorized by the fiscal body

If there is a charge to the county for the use of a financial instrument, the county may collect a sum equal to the amount of the charge from the person who uses the financial instrument. If authorized by the fiscal body of the county, the county may accept payments with a bank card or credit card. However, the procedure authorized for particular type of payment must be uniformly applied to all payments of the same type. The county may contract with a bank card or credit card vendor for acceptance of bank cards or credit cards. [IC 36-1-8-11]


Read through all bankruptcy information thoroughly upon receiving it. Timely file the Proof of Claim. Failure to do so could mean a loss of money for the county. Contact county attorney with questions. Bankruptcy Trustees are good sources of information as well. Contact information for Indiana bankruptcy courts can be found at the following:

Northern District:
Southern District:

board of finance - annual meeting

IC 5-13-7-6 requires each local board of finance to meet annually after the first Monday and on or before the last day of January. At the annual meeting the board of finance shall elect from the board's membership a president and secretary. The officers hold office until the officer's successors are elected and qualified. The board of finance shall also receive and review the written report of the investing officer that summarizes the county's investments during the previous year. The report must contain the name of each financial institution, governmental agency or instrumentality or other person with whom the county invested money during the previous calendar year. The board of finance is to review the overall investment policy of the county.